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Our Program Tuition is the lowest in the state

Changing careers is hard enough.

We want to be as affordable as possible.

$500 – $1,000

Field Supervisors are paid by the semester.

After you’re hired, Texas requires a Field Supervisor to observe you teaching. Depending on the length of your Field Experience, there is an additional Field Supervisor cost.

How Can We Be So Affordable?

Am I getting a lower quality service if I go with 240 Certification?

Otherwise… how could it be so cheap?

That is a very fair question.

My wife Lacey and I have made to decision to charge teachers less- because we know what it is like to live on a teacher’s salary.

I remember being a first-year teacher, along with my also first-year-teacher wife Lacey, and having to budget every single purchase.

Teachers do not make a lot of money and I remember living that reality.

That was 12 years ago! Teachers today, in many situations, are budgeting even tighter!

So how can we charge what we do and still have the best service in the state?

It’s because Lacey and I own the entire company, so we get to set the prices. Unlike a lot of the other “big guys” in the state, we don’t have investors and quotas, and financial metrics we are required to hit.

We want to see teachers succeed, so we have designed every aspect of our program to help teachers in their journey.

Scott Rozell
Owner and Founder
240 Certification

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