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Career Changers

Lacy was a social worker who always wanted to be a teacher, but she didn’t see the path to teacher certification without going back to school for another degree. Even though she didn’t come from an educational background she was still able to understand all the material. Hear from Lacy on how she made it happen.

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Uncertified Teachers

Nearly 1 in 5 teachers in Texas were hired into the classroom without a state certification. The teacher shortage is still a major crisis. 240 Certification can get you certified in as little as 12-18 months, while still receiving full pay and benefits.

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Substitute Teachers

Rachael Patterson was a substitute teacher in Amarillo, TX and wanted to move forward with certification. Luckily, she was already enrolled with 240 Tutoring, so she coupled that with 240 Certification and passed her exam on the first try.

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Sierra always wanted to be a teacher, but life got in the way. After 8 years, she decided to go back to school while being a Paraprofessional. Just one year after graduating, she is a certified teacher in Texas! Hear from Sierra as she discusses her certification journey to teach in her hometown school.

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Recent College Grads

Nearly half of all new Texas teachers use alternative certification to earn their teaching certificate. Many of these teachers were in the same scenario as you. You’re degree is powerful, and teaching is an opportunity for you to put it to work in a rewarding and impactful way.

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