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A Career Changing Teacher

This is Lacy’s Story

Lacy was a social worker for years before becoming a teacher.

She always wanted to be a teacher, but she didn’t see the path to teacher certification without going back to school for another degree.

“I had always wanted to be a teacher but there was nothing really available at the time..” Lacy lamented.

Lacy didn’t know that there were programs she could attend while she worked a full-time job. Lucky for Lacy she was able to find 240 Certification!

“I did not know alternative programs to teach existed… but I found 240 Certification and got certified without going back to college.”

Even though she didn’t come from an educational background she was still able to understand all the material.

When doing research she saw that other programs were using 240 Tutoring to help their teachers pass exams, so she thought “ Well why not just got with 240 Certification since that’s what’s everybody gonna use anyway.”

Lacy found it helpful that 240 Certification was structured in a way where you knew exactly where to start and what steps you needed to take during the process.

“I’ve definitely been trying to recruit some of my teacher friends [into 240 Certification]. I’m just really happy I went with 240,” Lacy concludes about her journey so far.

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