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Your Path to Certification


Your first step to becoming a teacher is to simply apply to 240 Certification. The application takes 10 – 15 minutes and lets us know who you are, a little bit about your academic history, and why you want to become a teacher.

Shortly after your application is completed, a 240 Program Advisor will reach out to you. After you are admitted, you can begin applying for teaching jobs, take your content test, and start your coursework.

Your First Coursework

Once you are formally enrolled in the program, you will complete your Content Test, 30 Classroom Observation Hours, and start our Teaching Coursework.

After passing your content test, finishing your observation hours, and completing Phase 1 of coursework you can be hired as an official teacher.

Your First Year Teaching

During your first year teaching, you will complete all remaining coursework, pass your final certification exam, and be observed by a Field Supervisor- who will help mentor and guide you through the first year of teaching.

This is the last and final step in your certification journey. After your first year of teaching, you will be given a Standard Certificate and you are officially a Texas Certified Teacher!

This is a high-level overview. The details of your situation are going to be different than anybody else. To get a personalized plan for your certification journey, please call us today.

We would love to help you better understand what your next steps are and how you can become a teacher.

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