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About 240 Certification

240 Certification seeks to prepare and equip highly effective teachers for public schools in the state of Texas. Our focus is on preparing teachers. Through the byproduct of supporting the needs of the teachers, we will positively impact the needs of the students.

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The 240 Team

Scott Rozell

Chief Executive Officer

Scott wanted to help other teachers be more successful, so he founded 240 Tutoring.

Although he isn’t in the classroom anymore, that’s where he started. After working as a teacher for a few years, Scott transitioned to a teacher certification program. And he noticed something about educators—certification exams were getting in their way. Too many wonderful teachers were being blocked and bogged down by tests, including Scott’s wife, Lacey. Watching her struggle with tutors, study materials, and a test that didn’t accurately reflect what she did in the classroom showed him something needed to be done. So, he started working on a plan to get more teachers the scores they needed the first time they tested.

Now, the company Scott founded has helped over 100,000 teachers pass their certification exams, and that number keeps growing. With Scott’s leadership, more study guides are created each year, so teachers around the country can take their tests with confidence.

Lara Cavin, Ed.D.

Director of Certification & Compliance

Lara understands that even the best educators need support.

From teacher to administrator to professor to director, she’s experienced life as an educator from every angle. Lara gained experience in both elementary and middle school classrooms. She then took on the challenge of assistant principal and carving her path to the principal’s office. After a few years, Lara found herself teaching at a university in East Texas, where she was also the Director of Field Experience and Certification Officer.

After 20 years, Lara has turned her focus to supporting and mentoring new teachers. She wants to help develop the systems to help educators get the certifications they need so they can do what’s needed of them—teach well.

Kristy Mulkey, Ed.D.

Director of Curriculum & Program Advising

Kristy wants every teacher to have a fulfilling career.

She realized early on that teaching is so much more than directing a classroom of kids. Kristy discovered her passion was supporting her fellow educators, ensuring they had the knowledge and the tools necessary to make their schools great places for students. While teaching, she helped coordinate and develop curriculums. Then she taught college and led a variety of educational organizations.

With over 20 years of experience in education, Kristy continues to use her experience to help teachers get their first jobs and follow their career dreams.

Karrabi Malin, Ed.D.

Director of Field Experiences

Karrabi understands that not all classrooms are the same.

With experience teaching in multiple districts, in two languages (English and Spanish), and working at two universities, she’s experienced a variety of ways to teach. So, Karrabi now places her focus on preparing and supporting teachers so they’re effective in all school settings. She enjoys working with future teachers and school partners to help build networks in order to prepare educators for life-long careers in education.

Karrabi loves the classroom, but she loves helping teachers get there even more.

Ashley Damron, M. Ed.

Program Coordinator

Ashley has a passion for teaching teachers.

While earning her master’s degree in education, she found herself coordinating and facilitating the certification process for undergraduate students. She gained valuable insight into what future educators needed to learn and how to think in order to earn their certifications—a completely different skill set than working with real students in a hands-on environment.

Ashley knows what it takes to get teachers into the classroom, and she loves helping them achieve their goals.

Lydmarie Spruill, M. Ed.

Program Advisor

Lydmarie offers guidance and support anytime an educator may need it.

She has seen her share of classrooms throughout her career. Lydmarie has taught kindergarteners, college students, and a few grades in between. As a reading specialist, she knows education in and out, and she can use her skills to cater to an individual’s learning needs. Lydmarie earned her masters degree in reading and has also spent part of her career as a curriculum writer.

Now, she focuses on helping future teachers through the certification process, answering questions, and offering any kind of support they may need.

Jonathan Schneider, MAIR

Director of District Operations

Jonathan was raised by teachers.

As the son, grandson, nephew, and cousin of teachers, education was bound to be part of Jonathan’s professional life. However, he did spend some time in other industries gaining perspective and learning how others work. This led him into working closely with school districts and teacher candidates with Teachers of Tomorrow. For over six years, he worked as the program advisor, then segued into the Director of Operations and Business Development role. After that, he spent a few years working at a university for the Dean of Students and the Assessment and Accreditation offices.

Jonathan values helping teachers prepare for their careers and eliminating any obstacles that can get in the way.


240 Certification, formerly known as Educators of Excellence, is an approved educator preparation program (EPP) by the State Board of Educator Certification (SBOE) in Texas. Program completers, or those who have completed all program and state-requirements for certification, will be fully-licensed to teach in their area of certification(s) in the state of Texas.

EPP ID: 227703

240 Certification Governance:

In accordance with 19 TAC 228.20, “the preparation of educators shall be a collaborative effort among the public schools accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and/or TEA-recognized private schools; regional education service centers; institutions of higher education; and/or business and community interests; and shall be delivered in cooperation with public schools accredited by the TEA and/or TEA-recognized private schools.”

240 Certification has an advisory committee with members representing as many of these groups as possible.  Their role is to assist in the design, delivery, evaluation, and major policy decisions of the Education Preparation Program (EPP).

Our Advisory Committee, in conjunction with our CEO, are ensuring that sufficient support is available to the EPP to meet SBEC’s standards and are accountable for the quality of the EPP and the candidates whom the program recommends for certification.