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Meet the 240 Team!

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Picture Of: Scott Rozell

Scott Rozell

A former alternatively certified Texas teacher, Scott Rozell founded 240 Tutoring in 2011 to help teachers pass their certification exams. After helping over a hundred thousand teachers pass their exams, Scott wanted to help teachers even more. 240 Certification is our way of forging a more intimate relationship with teachers to better understand their needs and serve tomorrow’s teachers.

Scott wakes up every morning thinking of how to help teachers be more successful.

Picture Of: Dr. Kristy Mulkey

Dr. Kristy Mulkey

Kristy’s superpower is coaching first year teachers. A former teacher herself, and a professor for over a decade, Kristy has worked with thousands of first year teachers. From applying for jobs to creating that first lesson plan, Kristy has done it all and coached it all.

Kristy’s expertise is knowing what support and help a teacher needs to get hired and be successful.


Picture Of: Dr. Lara Cavin

Dr. Lara Cavin

A former teacher, principal, and professor, Lara’s career is dedicated to teachers. As a former teacher, Lara knows the difficulties and joys of the classroom. As a former principal, Lara knows what principals want when they hire a teacher. As a former professor, Lara knows how to prepare teachers to be hired.

Lara’s expertise is how to prepare teachers to be hired and successful in the classroom.


Picture Of: Ashley Damron

Ashley Damron

Ashley gained experience coordinating and facilitating the certification process for education students while finishing up a master’s degree in Education at ETBU. She was able to hone her skills contributing to the success and excellence of the program while working behind the scenes, implementing valuable operation systems.

Ashley’s expertise is helping students be successful throughout the process of pursuing careers as educators.

Our Mission

240 Certification seeks to prepare and equip highly effective teachers for public schools in the state of Texas. Our focus is on preparing teachers. Through the byproduct of supporting the needs of the teachers, we will positively impact the needs of the students.

240 Certification Governance:

In accordance with 19 TAC 228.20, “the preparation of educators shall be a collaborative effort among the public schools accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and/or TEA-recognized private schools; regional education service centers; institutions of higher education; and/or business and community interests; and shall be delivered in cooperation with public schools accredited by the TEA and/or TEA-recognized private schools.”

240 Certification has an advisory committee with members representing as many of these groups as possible. Their role is to assist in the design, delivery, evaluation, and major policy decisions of the Education Preparation Program (EPP).

Our Advisory Committee, in conjunction with our CEO are ensuring that sufficient support to enable the EPP to meet SBEC’s standards and are accountable for the quality of the EPP and the candidates whom the program recommends for certification.


240 Certification, formerly known as Educators of Excellence, is an approved educator preparation program (EPP) by the State Board of Educator Certification (SBOE) in Texas. Program completers, or those who have completed all program and state-requirements for certification, will be fully-licensed to teach in their area of certification(s) in the state of Texas.

EPP ID: 227703